Cloud Certifications Help Firms Recognize Quality Staff

computer in virtual environmentAs more and more business begin to operate a private cloud as part of the resource provisioning in the network environments, the question of cloud certifications has taken center stage.  Businesses who contract with an IT company to provide them with managed programs staff often appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing that those visiting staff members are truly qualified to assist them in implementing and administering a cloud-based environment. 

To answer this need, the Education Services Division at EMC has launched a Cloud Architect certification program.  Less than a year old, the course has already had thousands of IT professionals enroll.  The popularity of this initial offering has encouraged EMC to add two more: a Cloud Infrastructure and Services certificate course and a Data Center Architect course.  Of these, the latter course is designed to be at the expert level and is the higher certification.

The courses are designed around the concept of an open curriculum, which means that those holding these certifications are not authorized to deal only with EMC cloud products.  Instead, they will have mastered a broad range of skills relating to cloud computing in general and will be familiar with a variety of products that can be used to implement a cloud-based architecture.

VMware also offers training sessions that can assist IT professionals to learn more about implementing a VMware Cloud, while a variety of independent web operators offer certification programs that relate to aspects of cloud computing. 

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