Data Centers: Emerging Technology Trends

Keeping up with emerging technologies is like running a race.  Anyone who stays in place is quite likely to be left behind completely.  This means that businesses interested in IT solutions that include data centers would be well advised to keep up with the trends that are emerging in this area of managed services.

Trend 1: Virtualization

According to a survey of managed service providers, they provide network servers that are virtualized in more than 25 percent of cases.  Virtualization allows for shared computing resources, increasing efficiency within a given business, but the strategy is potentially even more powerful among small businesses because they can actually share resources with other firms.  It is a managed services strategy that most seamlessly makes this possible.  The virtualization layer of the data center can dynamically allocate resources, adjusting them as needed so that several small businesses can access them as needed, and to the end user, this process is so transparent that resources appear not to be shared at all. 

Trend 2: Green Technology

In a 2010 survey, a third of businesses indicated energy saving as one of the primary challenges facing them.  Costs of electricity can only be expected to rise as the world’s fossil fuel reserves continue to be depleted, since in many localities these fuels are burned in order to generate electricity itself.  Managed service providers can assist companies to get ahead of this trend because as they adopt greener IT approaches, costs to provide services can be kept in line instead of increasing with the rising cost of fuel.

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