IT Solutions: Managed Security

Managed security

While a managed services approach to IT solutions can encompass a wide range of assistance to the businesses served, one of the products most in demand is managed security. 

Because internet crime has evolved to become more profitable than any other criminal endeavor, more businesses are realizing that they are not adequately able to address security needs using only their own in-house personnel.  Not only is the need for security services too acute, the field of potential intrusions is too vast and changing too quickly.  Managed security services can be implemented in various ways, but what these ways have in common is the use of remote administration and monitoring to help weed out suspicious activity before it can rise to the level of an actual attack.

One way to implement managed security services involves using the customer’s own on-premises infrastructure.  Another way that is becoming increasingly popular is for a managed services provider to implement a cloud computing approach in which traffic it routed onto a remote system.  This latter approach brings with it significant advantages in terms of security.  Because the remote system is entirely under the purview of the IT company providing services, all security measures can be kept continuously up to date.

According to the director of emerging markets at SonicWALL, “Threats today evolve so quickly…. it makes sense then for organizations to contract in a specialist provider to manage security, who has all of the necessary infrastructure, skills and expertise to keep up with the evolution of threats.”