Encryption Recommended for Data on Mobile Devices

Mobile DevicesA managed program approach can help businesses and other organizations with significant IT resources to improve the use of encryption.  This is particularly relevant in today's computing climate where a great deal of data may be ‘floating around’ on mobile devices - even in organizations that have prohibited the practice of storing company data on such devices.

According to Melodi Gates, a lawyer with vast experience in security protocol issues, "Even with the best of intentions, and the most technically enforced policy, a ban for putting sensitive information on mobile devices is probably not going to be 100 percent effective….. because all mobile devices enable users to enter data and to receive e-mails that may, in some cases, contain sensitive information."

For this reason, Gates recommends that mobile devices be set to encrypt their data.  This can be accomplished via a managed program approach where a security professional from an IT company visits on a regular basis in order to provide ongoing in-person services to a given business.  Indeed, mobile device encryption is a particularly good match for a managed program approach since businesses do not tend to buy an entire fleet of such devices at the same time.  Instead, cell phones and other mobile devices are often acquired on an as-needed basis by the company and/or by individuals who intend to use their personal devices for both home and work purposes. 

The very nature of this paradigm creates an ongoing need for support from managed programstaff that have experience in the encryption of mobile devices.


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