Zero Joblessness in Cybersecurity Means Managed Programs Can Help

CloudThere are many reasons why businesses might wish to select a managed programs approach in order to address their IT installation and maintenance needs, but new information emerging from the U.S.  Bureau of Labor Statistics has just provided one more.  The fact is that it may be very difficult for companies to find personnel on their own in the current job market for those with high levels of information technology skills.  In particular, it might be virtually impossible to hire cybersecurity experts at this time. 

According to the Information Security Media Group, which analyzed the 2011 labor statistics recently released, joblessness in this group during the past year was nonexistent.  This reflects the extremely high level of demand that exists for professionals with this skill set.  The zero jobless rating for this group remained steady in all four quarters of 2011, suggesting that small and medium sized businesses that went in search of personnel would have to offer high salaries to lure them away from their current jobs.  In some cases, those salaries would be unaffordable for the IT budget of a moderately sized business.

In a managed programs approach, however, instead of looking for an individual to hire, businesses find an IT company with which to contract.  The IT company already will already ample numbers of fully trained personnel on staff, and will direct one or more of them to visit the firm's premises on a regularly scheduled basis in order to provide needed IT support and in some cases, guidance and advice about using new IT solutions that have been installed.

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