Mobile Device Security: The Need for Screen Protection

Mobile devices

No business or organization likes to contemplate the loss of a mobile phone, whether that loss occurs through accident, negligence, or deliberate theft.  Responsible businesses, however, know that one or more of those scenarios may well occur.  They therefore take steps to secure mobile devices as much as possible in advance so that should a unit go missing, the data stored on it has been protected.

Screen Protection as Mobile Security 

One of the first steps to take is to arrange for screen protection on mobile devices.  The use of a mobile device management program can allow managed programs staff to deploy screen protection across the mobile devices used in the business.  Various options for such protection include personal identification numbers as well as passwords and patterns. 

Once protection itself has been set up, a computer policy must be deployed that will help to prevent unauthorized users from accessing any data.  One of the most common ways to arrange this is to set up rules that will cause the mobile phone to wipe itself clean when someone is repeatedly failing to enter a correct password.  This will help to prevent those who go "fishing" for the right password from having any success, but it will also mean that users who are careless about entering their password accurately may inadvertently wipe their own data. 

This, of course, leads to the need for robust IT solutions in the workplace to include mobile backups.  This function can also be provided by managed programs staff. 

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