Harvesting the Benefits of Green Data Centers through IT Consulting

Most business interested in the environmental and public-relations benefits of "going green" have long since completed the simpler phases of any such project.  Workspace is now lighted with compact fluorescent bulbs and user computers have been set to shift automatically over into power saving modes when employees go home for the night.  But what else can be done?

An IT consultant can provide invaluable insight into the answer to that question.  IT consulting firms, for example, can advise clients on the rise of a relatively new chapter in remote services technology: the green data center.  IT companies providing remote services have begun to green themselves as well, for a variety of reasons.  Power consumption is one of the most significant, but as concerns about global warming continue to spread through policy circles, IT companies have also begun to become more proactive about heading off regulation.

Businesses can take advantage of this by contracting for managed services with an IT company running a green data center.  Not only will this produce a nice press release that should bring a smile to the environmentally aware sector in the customer base, it should also help the bottom line in a couple of key ways.  Green data centers run on less power; this is often reflected in lower rates for services.  In addition, businesses can expect fewer disruptions due to meeting new environmental regulations if they contract with a green data center in the first place.

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