Hallmarks of Effective Network Monitoring

One of the most common ways for a business to organize its computer infrastructure is to establish a network.  Such systems can range from the simple to the highly complex.  The more complicated a network becomes, the more important it is for firms to have effective network monitoring programs in place.  The systems can be installed and administered by using a managed program approach, where an IT company supplies staff on a regular basis to visit the premises, keep up with necessary maintenance, and solve any issues that may have arisen.

Network monitoring software should provide a rich feature set that would make it simple for managed programs staff to determine the state of the network and to identify the root causes of disruptions in network service.  In this way, such staff will be able to work quickly and efficiently, doing more in less time than would be possible if network monitoring software is inadequate or worse, missing altogether. 

Important features include a real-time view of everything that makes up a network: hardware devices including computers and peripherals, software applications, connections, services, and traffic patterns.  All of this information should be available at a single glance using effective graphics that can let managed programs personnel get the ‘big picture’. At the same time, it must be fast and intuitive for such staff to drill down into the details that make up that big picture.  In an ideal system, diagnostic graphs, charts, and lists should be easy to generate.


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