IT Solutions: Protecting Data With EDRM

The digital age can sometimes seem like a veritable alphabet soup of acronyms.  One of the most recent is EDRM, which is a business-based update on DRM, or digital rights management.  Traditional DRM is designed to prevent the average consumer from pirating certain kinds of data, notably including music, movies, and e-books for platforms such as the Kindle.  EDRM is based on a technology that is similar to traditional DRM, but it is far more robust and is designed to protect vital business data.  Analysts consider EDRM much more difficult to break than DRM; indeed, most forms of traditional DRM are compromised within a short time of their release.

EDRM is based on two straightforward procedures.  First, data is encrypted with strong keys, and then it is surrounded by policies that will control access and usage rights.  After EDRM is established, applications are allowed only to access the data if they will respect the rights embedded in the protection scheme.  Only those applications can obtain a key in order to decrypt the secured information. 

This rights and access control make EDRM much stronger than regular DRM.  Because users cannot access the data at all unless they have the correct rights, the protected information is not available to the worldwide community of hackers.  A smaller audience for the data naturally means that its protection will be more dependable. 

Businesses can establish EDRM on their proprietary data by working with an IT company that can supply them with managed programs personnel to visit their premises.

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