Two Cloud Computing Trends

Like all advances in technology, the realm of cloud computing is characterized by trends that grow out of consumer demand as well as the possibilities inherent in the model itself. When this approach to computer resources first emerged, it was viewed as essentially utilitarian: a way for companies to save money because now, they could pay for computer power on an as-needed basis instead of front loading all costs by establishing their own in-house network infrastructure to take care of all needs. Now, new trends are making that original model even more powerful. 

The Consumerization of Information Resources

One strong trend in cloud computing is the development of client virtualization that runs across a great many different platforms and devices. Employees no longer need to use a desktop or even a laptop to reach cloud resources; they can frequently do so just as readily on a hand-held mobile phone. These new access devices are frequently outside the control of in-house IT staff, making it more critical than ever to have a managed services company taking care of information resources on the other end of the pipeline.

The Ultimate in Scalability 

Another trend concerns the sheer scale of cloud computing as it is beginning to be employed in the private sector. Businesses once measured the computing capacity according to how many large servers were in operation. Now, however, some businesses are using the data center itself as their rubric of measurement. Again, it is only a managed services approach, provided by an experienced IT company, which can truly take care of the vast reams of data being accumulated and used in this new model.

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