IT Consulting Can Help Make Sense of ISO Standards

The International Organization for Standardization has released several sets of guidelines for disaster recovery in an IT setting.  Without some help in interpreting these guidelines, however, small and medium sized businesses may feel a bit overwhelmed.  Smaller organizations frequently lack a full-scale IT department such as would be needed to truly implement these guidelines in-house.  In a situation like this, it is an excellent practice for business organizations to contract with an IT company that can offer IT consulting services.  Sitting down and going through the ISO standards one item at a time can clarify many issues for smaller businesses.

ISO 24762

This set of guidelines details the kinds of items that third parties should be providing in order to supply quality disaster recovery models.  Businesses can use the document as a sort of blueprint to help them evaluate several different kinds of outsourcing for disaster recovery including hot and cold sites as well as a managed services approach.

The guidelines are quite extensive, covering such issues as security provisions, the types of computer infrastructure used, electrical power sources, and even telecommunications and water supply sources for the firm providing disaster recovery services.

ISO 27031

This set of guidelines is designed to help businesses design their own disaster recovery plan in-house.  While it may provide useful tips for small and medium sized businesses, it is really designed more specifically for organizations that are large enough that they may choose not to outsource disaster recovery at all. 

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