IT Consulting Helps Businesses Stay on the Cutting Edge

IT consulting

Even a security professional that diligently attends training events will have a difficult time staying completely ahead of the curve when it comes to the protection of data resources.  One mind, after all, can only absorb so much in a given amount of time, and in the world of malware, things are changing faster with each passing year.  This is a key reason why it is good for a security professional to work closely with an IT consulting firm so that he or she has access to a huge wealth of knowledge about how to fend off the latest developments in the hacking world.

According to Vincent Weafer, who serves as the senior vice president at anti-virus company McAfee, “Many of the threats that will become prominent in 2012, have already been looming under the radar in 2011... [including] threats to critical infrastructure or the impact of hacktivism as they gain international media attention.  In the meantime we continue to see cybercriminals improving their toolkits and malware and are ready to make a significant impact in 2012.”

McAfee is predicting that the most significant kinds of attacks during 2012 could involve, for example, increasing use of ‘rogue certificates’.  Certification authorities may even be attacked at the root in a bid to convince users that cloned sites are the real thing.  These cloned sites may convince targeted users to divulge personal or financial information or they may download further malware onto users’ machines.  In either case, these could create a disruption in business activity. 

To stay abreast of such developments, contract with an IT consulting firm.

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