Key IT Consulting Benefits: Transparency

IT consulting

Most small and medium-sized businesses are well aware of some of the more noted benefits of hiring an IT consulting firm -for example, help in making decisions about hardware and software purchasing.  Consulting firms offer a level of experience and expertise that can be lacking in businesses which core competencies do not involve information technology, and they can often make suggestions that provide enormous cost savings.  Another key benefit, however, is sometimes overlooked: IT consulting firms help businesses to operate in a transparent, above-board manner.

According to the time-tested axiom, Caesar’s wife must be above reproach.  Something similar is true in the world of business.  In order to establish and keep a sterling reputation, a business must do more than merely operate according to the rules.  It must also be perceived in that light.

A recent shakeup at the Department of Veterans Affairs illustrates the point.  A bid for IT security services was recently accepted at $133 million even though several lower bids were submitted.  Now, there are questions about whether the bid decision was biased in favor of the current provider, which in fact won the new contract.  There may have been no impropriety, but the decision making process leaves the issue in doubt.  Had the VA outsourced the decision to a qualified IT consulting firm, they would not now be open to accusations of bias. 

Stockholders and investors want to know that IT decisions made by businesses are not influenced by outside considerations.  Having an IT consulting firm on board can alleviate such concerns. 

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