IT Solutions: Overcoming the Limits of Relational Databases

A relational database is a powerful tool that allows workers to build custom queries that will allow them to see business data in new ways.  Relational databases can help employees see new relationship among sets of data, and this in turn can enable them to more accurately detect and predict ongoing trends that can be crucial to the financial health of the organization.

Up until recently, however, relational databases have suffered from a serious drawback.  Traditionally, the data stored in such systems was only available at the business premises themselves.  While employees might have word processing software on both home and office computers, and hence could work on text documents in either location, it was not practical to work on database functions in both locations.  Even if the software was available at both home and work, the data itself could be cumbersome or even impossible to transport since it might not fit on the portable media that workers have available.

Now, however, new programs are available that can allow workers to extract data stored in various formats including Microsoft Access as well as PDF and HTML files.  With these systems, there is no longer any need to analyze data only inside a relational database.  Powerful data modeling tools can make it possible outside of them as well.  Software that can make all this possible can be installed and maintained using a managed program approach by a professional qualified to provide IT solutions that meet the changing needs of today’s business organizations. 

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