IT Consulting Services: Information Risk Management

Data security is not the same thing as information risk management.  Understanding the difference between the two can empower small and medium-sized businesses to take their IT solutions to the next level with the help of a skilled IT consulting firm.  While information security concerns itself with trying to provide an adequate level of security for data resources, information risk management is a way of asking “what if?” questions to pose scenarios that may compromise those data resources.

IT consulting firms understand the growing number of threat profiles in existence and can assist businesses to ask the right kind of hypothetical questions about the true security status of its networks and systems.  The answers to these questions will suggest a variety of IT solutions, each of which comes with advantages and drawbacks.  According to Ron Ross, who works as a senior scientist for the National Institute of Standards and Technology, “The risk management process is always about trade-offs, trade-offs to mission, and the ability of the organization to provide, what we call adequate protections, to make sure those missions are not going to go south at an inopportune time…. When you assess risk, as part of the risk management process, you're going to find things that are not quite right.”

Sorting out the trade-offs in order to make the best decisions for improvement is best done with the help of an IT consulting firm that has vast experience in both risk assessment and in ways to mitigate the security risks discovered.


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