Parallel File System Storage: Dell Terascala HPC


Data storage is one of the most important infrastructure needs in today’s highly computerized business environment.  One effective way to address this need is through the Dell Terascala HPC storage system.  The Terascala HPC is both cost effective and highly scalable, making it an ideal match for companies engaged in work that produces copious amounts of data.  This description, of course, would fit many businesses.  From customer information to financial records to research and development, data is the lifeblood of the typical American business. 

The Terascala HPC provides a management interface that is both intuitive and intelligent and the system scales well not just in capacity, which is true of many file storage solutions, but in terms of performance.  This means that the storage system can grow right along with a business.  Perhaps best of all, the Terascala HPC makes use of an open source structure for parallel file systems, Lustre.  The advantages of open source architecture are powerful in that they are much simpler for users to adapt to particular needs and changing circumstances than are closed-source platforms. 

The Dell Terascala arrives on site as a pre-configured appliance that makes use of existing Dell IT solutions including PowerEdge servers and PowerVault storage.  It is best installed, maintained, and monitored as part of an ongoing managed program model for IT support because with that approach, the appliance can be coordinated to work ideally with the existing networks and systems a business already has in place.


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