Project Work: Automatic Power Transfer Systems

Many organizations have data needs that are considered ‘mission critical’.  Such needs require that electrical power systems must deliver continuous reliable power.  The normal electrical grid is sufficient more than 99 percent of the time in most areas of the country, but it is that other one percent, of course, that presents a potent challenge.  No business with mission-critical computing needs can afford to rely completely on municipal power, but the addition of additional electrical systems presents a related challenge: automatic power transfer.  Businesses need systems that will allow them to seamlessly switch over from one power source to another, and they must be able to do this at literally an instant’s notice and frequently, with no warning at all.

Such a challenge is ideally addressed through project work, since the project itself is of a finite nature and a limited duration.  Rather than diverting the time and attention of in-house employees to the project, businesses can contract with an IT consulting firm with expertise in designing power systems.  This is a far better solution because those who work for IT consulting firms have already passed through the learning curve related to IT solutions for better power management.  In-house employees will need time to come up to speed on all the relevant issues, and during this time, they will not be able to perform their regular duties to the same degree as usual.

Rather than trying to handle a complex and specialized challenge in-house, businesses are better served by hiring qualified IT consultants who can provide services on a project work basis.

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