VMware vCloud Connector 1.5


A recent software release from VMware is vCloud Connector 1.5.  This program allows users already working with the VMware infrastructure to transition portions of workloads, or workloads in their entirety, onto public clouds that are also structured around the same infrastructure principles.  Such public cloud space would be leased by small and medium-sized businesses that have realized the potential benefits of adopting IT solutions that include a hybrid cloud approach.  Since VMware is already an industry leader in virtualization, it is ideally positioned to assist more businesses to move more fully into a cloud-computing environment.

Features of vCloud Connector 1.5

Cloud computing is nothing new, and both public and hybrid clouds have been in use for some time.  With vCloud Connector 1.5, however, organizations can enjoy data transfers that are more reliable than ever before.  Both templates and virtual machines can be seamlessly transitioned onto the cloud, and features such as multi-part transfers and automatic data compression will make such moves both efficient and robust.

VCloud Connector 1.5 allows users to use the vSphere client to view both templates and virtual machines even when they are located in separate cloud environments.  The client also permits users to control issues such as console access and power, and a new web-based user interface links to this system to make control functions cloud-based as well.

An integrated search function helps users to find the virtual machines and virtual applications that they need so that items no longer become lost in large cloud environments.

VCloud Connector 1.5 can be installed and monitored as part of a managed program approach to IT services. 

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