Dell Releases PowerEdge C6105 Server

Dell, long known for the innovative IT solutions they produce for businesses both large and small, has announced the arrival of the PowerEdge C6105 server. Unlike many similar computers, the PowerEdge C6105 is specifically optimized for applications that use Web 2.0 functions and supports the use of cloud hosting services. This is ideal in today’s business world, which is shifting toward managed services more with each passing year. 

With the PowerEdge C6105 server, small and medium-sized businesses will be able to adopt solutions such as private clouds. 

Processing Power without Excess Power Consumption

One advantage of the Dell PowerEdge C6105 server is its use of the AMD Opteron 4100-processor series. This series uses AMD-P 2.0 technology, which assists to achieve a low power consumption rate.  Indeed, at 32 watts per six core processors, no other processor series currently available is more efficient in terms of electrical consumption. Despite its low power consumption, the AMD Opteron 4100 processors are robust and powerful, able to handle workloads that are extremely data-intensive in nature. This is a perfect match for businesses, which are considering incorporating more cloud infrastructure to make business processes more effective and efficient.


According to Margaret Lewis, who serves as product marketing director for AMD, “A move to cloud computing, HPC and Web 2.0 is a move to a more utilitarian computing style. This is not about bigger and faster; it’s about taking core capabilities like performance and power consumption and refining them to give businesses solid functionality and the ability to conserve power.”

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