IT Consulting and Data Center Design

The development of a new or upgraded data center is an ideal IT enhancement to structure as project work for an IT consulting firm.  Like many IT solutions that are organized around a project work model, data center development is a finite amount of work that has a definite end-state.  Small and medium-sized companies should be aware that such a project may be of a sizable duration because there are many different phases to work through, particularly when a new data center is being envisioned from the ground up.

Planning Phase

In this phase, IT consultants should work with management to identify the key criteria to be included in the design.  These must be assessed so that all stakeholders can feel confident that they will meet all requirements of programs and workflow.  The resulting plan should then be subjected to rigorous financial analysis to determine its feasibility.

Engineering Phase

IT consultants will then design the system, including such considerations as power consumption and data stability.  A related phase, sometimes called “engineering administration,” includes such tasks as seeking bids if the IT consulting firm is not itself also constructing the data center. 

Final Phases

What then remains is to construct the data center and test it thoroughly to be sure it is robust and reliable before essential workflow is migrated onto it.  After full implementation is completed, companies should consider transitioning from project work to a managed programs approach so they can be sure that ongoing maintenance and monitoring will not fall by the wayside.

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