Start Toward Virtualization with an IT Consulting Company

Many small and medium-sized businesses are becoming aware that they would like to virtualize at least some of the applications they use.  They know that moving at least partway onto virtual machines will improve the utilization of computing resources even as it helps them reduce the maintenance and power costs associated with physical infrastructure.  One great question usually confronts them when they consider virtualization, however: Which of our applications should we move onto virtual machines, and which are best left on physical machines at least for the time being?

What makes this question so challenging is the fact that the right answer will be different for each individual firm, as it depends on a huge range of variables  - such as the level and age of physical infrastructure already in place, as well as the types of core competencies the company possesses. As such, some are more amenable to virtualization than others. 

The question itself is therefore an excellent one to explore with an IT consulting firm.  IT consultants can explain the pros and cons associated with virtualized applications and detail how to apply those to the applications used by the business in question.  Some applications, for example, only need more computing resources on a sporadic basis such as during a backup, while others consistently show high levels of resource utilization.  IT consulting firms can show businesses to what degree virtualization will benefit them in each situation.

Some of the immediate benefits are obvious when virtualizing programs that require steady levels of resources.  These include file and print servers as well as other programs which main role in the system is monitoring aspects of it. 


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