IT Solutions: IT Consulting and Telecommuting Technologies

Telecommuting has been in existence for decades, but only with the advent of the internet and then later, true virtualization technologies, has it become a truly viable option for many small and medium sized businesses.  According to a recent study, companies may be able to save as much as $20,000 in costs per employee who works from home.  This represents a strong return on investment that makes the effort of switching into this mode well worth the time and funding it will require.

Cost savings accrue because employees who work at home reduce a business's need for square footage of office space.  This reduction brings with it other related savings, many of them in the overhead category, right down to the electrical power saved from needing less lighting.  Even the electrical power used to fuel company computers can come off the bottom line because teleworking employees have their company-provided technology plugged in at home.

Other cost savings result from the fact that telecommuting employees take fewer unscheduled sick days.  In all, studies have indicated that a teleworker averages 3.5 fewer such days per year.  This improves productivity as well as customer service when the worker is engaged in those activities, leading to higher customer satisfaction.  It is easy to see why telecommuting would have this effect; the mother whose child is sick can both stay home with him and still do her job thanks to the many telecommuting technologies available today.

IT consulting firms can help you explore IT solutions like Citrix and VPNs that can enable your business to take advantages of the benefits of telecommmuting. 


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