Data Center Outsourcing Considerations

Selecting an IT company to provide your firm with managed services that including a data center can be a challenge, particularly for managers whose own experiences in the IT field may be limited. Keeping key considerations in mind can help winnow the field so that businesses can choose the best data center provider for their own particular needs.

Network Connectivity

For many businesses, this is the number one consideration. Businesses must feel confident that both their own systems and those of the data center are capable of maintaining a high-speed broadband connection in all but the most trying of circumstances. Even during those, a backup and disaster recovery plan should be in place so that connectivity and data can be restored as quickly as possible.

When was the last time you updated your disaster recovery plan?

IT Tips to Help Your Business Weather the Storms

Physical Facility Maintenance

In this high-tech world, it is all too easy to focus only on information such as rates of data transfer. For a data center to be reliable, however, it must possess sound physical infrastructure that is being properly maintained. When choosing a data center, it can be vital to know that their equipment receives needed cooling and that their provision of electricity is fully adequate to support all computing machines. Ask to see the maintenance records of any facility under consideration. Items such as deferred maintenance in some cases may be a red flag, particularly if they are of long duration. 

Are you using a hosted services provider, or leveraging a private data center? Make sure your digital assets are covered:


Continuous Business Support

Make a phone call to the support services division at some unexpected time and evaluate for yourself how ready the data center is to offer help and advice. Remember that on-call support is not the same as on-site support. For more information about disaster recovery, consider reaching out to an iCorps expert and requesting a free IT consultation.  

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