Mobile Invoicing Example Demonstrates Power of IT Consulting

IT consulting

A California pasta-making firm recently revamped its inventory and invoicing systems with the help of an IT consulting firm.  The result was improved efficiency through a specially designed software program that had been created and tailored specifically to suit its needs.

The pasta maker was operating as an Italian deli distributing to several supermarkets, but its approach to invoicing and inventory were still based on paper and pen.  Drivers who delivered products wrote up invoices by hand, a process that could take more than half an hour per location, and which lacked any form of built-in error checking.  The firm's owner was seeing hundreds of dollars per month in losses due to the inevitable errors that cropped up, and was aware that he should be able to use his staff far more efficiently.

The firm's owner contacted an IT consulting firm to assist them in transitioning to more modern invoicing and inventory methods.  “We looked to make a basic technology implementation that would help us move forward with our business operations without causing a major headache in terms of daily use," explains the owner.  “But, not only were we looking for those criteria, we were also looking for something that would offer a much easier invoicing system and decrease some of the dollars we were spending on our paper processes."

The firm now has a cost-effective inventory and invoicing system that involves mobile devices for the delivery drivers, along with mobile printers and the ability to scan products to enter them into the software designed to address the business's challenges. 


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