Managed Services to Become an Even More Popular Model

Managed Services

Insight Research, which provides market analysis for the telecom industry, has conducted a recent study for forecast the spread of the managed services market.  The company has determined that global spending on IT solutions that rely on a managed services model will grow by nearly 15 percent over the course of the six coming years.  One cause of this increase will be the fact that during tough economic times, many businesses prefer to avoid increasing its level of internal staffing.  Instead, they will pursue strategies that allow them to leverage the power of outsourcing in order to help their own bottom lines. 

"Stability has returned to the telecommunications industry, and with the continued shift to wireless and cloud-based services we are forecasting strong revenue growth in the managed and outsourcing services segments," commented Fran Caulfield, who serves Insight Research as director of research.  "As enterprises shift their applications to the cloud and as more users access these applications via mobile devices, the level of complexity involved in managing these moving targets increases."

That level of complexity will increasingly mean that a managed services model is the ideal way to approach IT staffing and services.  Caulfield also remarked that buying a suite of "managed services can get the enterprise around the complexity -- the local IT manager can outsource the most difficult tasks to a service provider, and probably get the job done faster and at a lower cost." 

Quick service times and reduced expenditures on IT are two of the primary reasons why businesses are increasingly seeing managed services as the wave of the future.

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