IT Consulting and Virtual Testing Environments

"But, will it work for us?"

This is a question frequently on the mind of the management and staff of a company considering the adoption of new IT solutions, and sometimes, there is no way in which a verbal answer can be enough of an answer to satisfy the need inherent in the question itself.  Businesses often need more than assurances; they need to see outcomes in action before they will feel comfortable investing significant company resources of time and money both into technologies new to them. 

Thankfully, there is a true answer to the question.  It lies in setting up a virtual testing environment so that the business can see the new software functions as desired in their own particular case.

What is a Virtual Testing Environment?

A virtual testing environment consists of an isolated system that is set up to mimic the operations that take place on the network as a whole.  Part of the environment will include the needed data sets for the programs to be examined, but these data sets will be duplicates of the originals.  This allows new software approaches to be tested with the company's real data so that businesses can know if programs are robust enough to suit them – yet the company's true data is never at risk, even in the event of a catastrophic failure. 

IT consulting firms can set up a virtual testing environment such as this so that businesses can finally have a true answer to the question of whether a particular IT solution will work for them.


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