Managed Programs Staff can Provide Direct Support for Products

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Even with automatic updates, it can be quite complex for a business to keep all of its products completely up to date and in sync with one another.  This situation is made even more complex by the fact that in some instances, applying updates without proper care can lead to system conflicts and even crashes.  From time to time, an update released for a major software program may itself have a bug or security flaw.  These serious considerations are generally not paid attention to at all when an organization's update protocol is simply to let the computer update itself without regard to other considerations. 

A more rational approach to updates is to contract with an IT company on a managed program.  These individuals can then become responsible for applying all needed updates and patches on a regular basis so that software the company depends upon will remain dependable.  Because managed program staff visit premises on a regular, scheduled basis, they have ample time to plan their work and stay abreast of developments in the IT world.

Consider the following scenario: a computer updates itself with the latest patch for an important software suite.  An hour later, news breaks that this update has introduced vulnerability into the millions of systems that have performed the automatic update.  Managed program personnel will become aware of the news item prior to doing the update in most cases, and will wait until the problem with the patch has been resolved.


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