Tips for Moving to the Cloud

Cloud computing

Many businesses are ready to make a move to cloud-based services or storage, but remain wary of this brave new landscape of IT solutions.  Here are some tips that can ease an organization's transition to cloud-based services.

Consider your Business Needs

A number of different cloud services are available, but a great many businesses do not need them all.  Work closely with an IT consulting firm specializing in cloud solutions to determine which of your existing business functions can best be handled through a cloud-based approach, and do not be reluctant to ask the questions that arise during any of these discussions.  Some managed service providers allow customers to choose from what amounts to an a la carte menu of services.  This can be a good way to get started since it can let a business get comfortable with the cloud before moving all its major services onto it.

Read Service Agreements Carefully

Like any other contract, an agreement to work with an IT consulting firm must provide for a ‘meeting of the minds’ with regards to terms and conditions.  Read the service agreement with an eye toward detail and look for information about how the provider will deal with problems that may crop up, such as disaster recovery for the business. 

Use Your Own Resources Strategically

A business may be able to use some of its existing servers in new ways once some business functions have migrated off them.  This is a hidden benefit of cloud services – machines once in use to support network infrastructure can often be put to other productive uses when no longer needed for their original purpose.


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