Seemingly Small Changes Can Lead to Large Productivity Gains

IT outsourcing

One of the benefits of a managed program approach to provisioning IT services is that the workers at a small or medium sized business have someone to manage and standardize the software that they use during the regular course of their workday activities.  This can be essential because when employees are more or less responsible on their own for keeping their software up to date, this responsibility can distract them from completing their daily workload, particularly when problems crop up in the installation or interoperability of the programs on which they depend.

This advantage of the managed programs model also means that as new features become available that can help employees use their time more productively, the support personnel being supplied by an IT company can make sure that all workers have access to it.  The concept of the ‘omnibar’ is a case in point.  First pioneered in the Chrome web browser, this new approach to using the Internet meant that workers no longer had to go to Google or another search engine before they could enter their search query.  In Chrome, the address bar became a search bar as well, so that whether typing web addresses or entering search queries, the worker need only type everything in the single bar. 

A given firm may not want to switch over to Chrome, but in newer versions of Firefox, an add-on program called ‘Omnibar’ can accomplish the same function. 

Adjusting the web browser interface is a small change that might not happen when employees manage their own desktops.  With a managed program approach, however, workers become more productive.


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