Recent Survey Demonstrates Need for Managed Services

Managed services

A recent survey of knowledge among personnel working in IT security has revealed that the complexity of today’s computing environment presents unprecedented challenges in locking down systems to decrease vulnerability to attack and intrusion. 

The survey demonstrated that more than 50 percent of such personnel are not sure which of its internal assets and applications can be accessed from outside the secure network.  Perhaps even more startling, approximately 60 percent of professionals surveyed reported that they are unfamiliar with all capabilities of the software tools they regularly employ, and fewer than 50 percent have confidence in their own level of understanding when it comes to network configuration and how changes may impact it. 

How Managed Services Can Help

These data points demonstrate the need for a managed services approach to computer security.  In a managed services model, IT consulting firms providing the services on a hosted basis are able to leverage the power of computers themselves to monitor systems and maintain a secure environment.  In addition, when human intervention is needed, businesses can rely on its managed service providers to have a wealth of IT specialist knowledge at their disposal, therefore bypassing the problem of in-house personnel lacking the requisite deep understanding of security and systems that today’s computing environment demands.  

Hord Tipton, who heads an organization devoted to certifying IT security specialists, explains that such personnel today can be “overwhelmed with too much to defend and fix in their environment simply because of the scale they are trying to secure."

A managed services model by its very nature is appropriate for large-scale projects such as network security.



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