IT Consulting and Mobile Resource Management

Mobile devices

As schools in the United States face financial challenges on a scale seldom seen before, a growing number of them are turning to innovative IT solutions that can help them drive down the cost of providing a quality education.  One area in which IT consultants are assisting schools is in the area of mobile resource management.  Simply put, this phrase refers to IT solutions that can allow district management to track the location of mobile resources such as school buses.

Most American school districts devote large amounts of funding to their transportation programs, but in a large number of cases, the means of managing school buses and other vehicles has been ‘old school’.  Districts may use maps to plan routes, with those that are more up to date using resources such as Google maps, but few have yet moved into the arena of tracking buses using GPS technology.  Knowing the real-time location of all buses, however, is a key part of being able to manage the entire transportation system with maximum efficiency.

Consider a common scenario: after all school buses have left the school grounds to take students home, a pupil comes to the office.  Which bus should be recalled to see to this student, assuming that the office has been unable to contact the parents? The students usual bus may not be the one best positioned geographically to remedy the error, not if the district wishes to minimize driver time and fuel expenses.  A GPS tracking system centrally managed can provide the answer. 

IT consulting firms can assist school districts to choose the MRM system that best fits tech and budget needs.


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