Three Kinds of Backup Solutions

Data backup

As technology continues to emerge, the need for quality IT consulting also grows - particularly for small and medium sized businesses which may not have the budget to hire in-house IT experts on a permanent basis.  One area that businesses may wish to revisit with an IT consulting firm is their storage solution. 

More Data than Ever

For most businesses, the market climate today means that they are acquiring more data than ever before.  Where once an organization's data load might mostly consist of financial information and client contacts, now it can incorporate social media records, advanced analytics, market forces data gathered via the cloud, and a host of other information based on emerging technologies.

With more data, of course, comes a greater need for robust backup solutions - but technology has not stood still in this area, either.  The primary choices for backup now include three main approaches: leveraging the cloud, relying on traditional backup appliances, or incorporating a largely software-based backup solution. 

Each approach has drawbacks as well as benefits.  For example, cloud backup can be very cost-effective, but if your Internet connection is down, backups may become unavailable.  Unless in-house personnel are backup and storage experts, organizations will be best served by working closely with an IT consultant who can demonstrate how each model would fit into the organization.  In some cases, businesses may find that a hybrid model best suits their needs because it will allow them to overcome some of the disadvantages that can be inherent to a single backup solution.



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