iPads in a Managed Program Environment

Years ago, it became customary to equip each employee at a business with both a desktop computer for use in the office and a laptop computer for use elsewhere.  Now, in many small and medium sized organizations, the iPad tablet computer is replacing one or both of those.  Much of the reason for the spread of iPads into the business environment is the wealth of useful business apps that are available for the device. 

As businesses see more ways to make iPads a productive part of the work environment, its use will probably spread further, leading to the need for managed programs personnel to integrate these devices safely and securely into the company's network infrastructure.  Before moving to an iPad-heavy approach to IT solutions, businesses are advised to discuss plans with their managed programs staff so that the transition to a hybridized computing environment goes smoothly.

Sample Business Apps

One app that many businesses are interested in incorporating into their workflow is Yammer, which creates a private social networking site for a company.  Such a site resembles traditional social media in its features and flexibility, but provides a secure place where employees can exchange ideas using real-time virtual conversations.

Another business-related app is My Eyes Only, which helps to secure critical information on iPads so that lost tablets will maintain data securely.

Workers who must keep track of many customer contacts will also appreciate CamCard, which lets the iPad scan and catalog business cards, automatically integrating their information with an iPhone address book.

In a managed program approach, iPads can be added to the company network and managed centrally as needed.


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