Double Digit Growth Expected in IT Services for Video Conferencing

Video conferencing

Businesses both large and small are increasing the use of IT consulting firms that can provide them with personnel to help them establish and maintain video conferencing services.  Indeed, this trend is so strong that industry experts expect to see at least a 10 percent growth in the use of services related to the use of live video communication in the business environment.  This is remarkable considering that the growth rate in this sector was almost 20% during 2010, when businesses spent more than $225 million for services related to video conferencing.

Management in any business appreciate the comfort of knowing that its video conferencing setup is being regularly verified so that when it is needed, it runs without any technical problems. Much of the spending is related to the highly complex nature of video conferencing itself.  Establishing and maintaining a system can involve issues of interoperability between various kinds of hardware and software, and because video conferencing by its nature involves two physically separated work sites, equipment and software on both ends must be functioning well in order for conferences to proceed.  This adds another layer of complexity in cases where the two business sites are using vastly different infrastructure for their ‘half’ of the video conference. Since video conferencing often requires a great deal of troubleshooting, it is a perfect match for a managed program model in which personnel regularly visit a work site to perform routine maintenance and run quality checks.  


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