IT Consulting Can Help Reduce Data Center Costs

Data centersAny business with a data center also needs to have a reliable UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system so that even when electrical power delivered by the grid fails, the data center computers do not abruptly shut off in mid-operation.  Possession of a robust UPS system allows IT personnel enough time to shut down systems in person or remotely so that Windows Servers and other infrastructure elements do not experience damage to the software they host. 

However, many older UPS systems have drawbacks in terms of the cost it takes to run and maintain them.  IT consulting firms can help organizations streamline their UPS approach by showing them how to overcome the limitations of ‘legacy systems’ that are by their nature not very scalable.  In these legacy systems, as additional equipment is installed in a data center, the existing UPS system may be unable to match it even when new components are added.  This can lead to a situation in which protection means having multiple parallel UPS systems in place.  This is costly in terms of purchasing and running the equipment because such an approach produces redundancies that could be avoided with a scalable system, one that can take advantage of economies of scale. 

Because each business has its own unique needs and expectations from its data center operations, no two systems are completely alike.  This has implications for UPS design and means that the best way to upgrade existing UPS to an efficient modern system is to work closely with an IT consulting firm with expertise in designing power management solutions. 


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