Staff Augmentation Can Handle Highly Specialized Cyber Needs

As more businesses have moved to depend on cloud-based IT solutions, it has become clear that in some cases, collecting information about data breaches is a more complex task than previously thought.  Such information is sometimes required in order for companies to defend themselves when served with a lawsuit relating to their data security procedures, but in-house staff may not be equipped to deal with the nature of a forensic investigation when cloud services come into play.

In this situation, it is idea to contract with an IT consulting firm that can provide additional personnel who will work with a business on a staff augmentation or project work basis.  Such personnel will possess the key skills needed to conduct forensic analysis of data trails that wind its way through cloud-based infrastructure and services.  These skills include some legal background so that investigators can work closely with a company's legal team and understand the terminology used as well as its directives on what to search.  In addition, those investigating cloud-based security breaches also need to have a strong technical background that encompasses diverse realms of network operations, operating systems, programming, and mobile data technologies.

People skills are equally important, however, because working with third-party cloud providers means that investigators need to be able to communicate clearly and collaborate as needed to get the job done.  In fact, these skills may be paramount because being able to build and maintain a network of helpful personnel working for cloud services providers can mean that an investigation proceeds rapidly instead of encountering roadblocks along the way.

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