IT Consultants: The Training Advantage

Businesses granting workers network access privileges face the inherent challenge of keeping all such employees fully up to date with regard to safe online practices.  Malware developers are becoming more adept all the time at devising ways to trick individuals into allowing infections to take root in computer systems, and even the most robust IT solutions that rely on software and hardware layers of protection can be foiled if the human element is not trained to make good decisions while using online resources.

A recent warning issued by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is a case in point.  Fake banking sites have proliferated in recent years, but now a legitimate government website,, is being taking advantage of when computer users inadvertently type in a .com suffix instead.  The fake site is unusually clever; rather than spoofing the entire government site, it installs malware before redirecting the user to the actual site desired. 

IT Consultants Can Provide Training

Threats like this are evolving at a rapid pace, but most businesses cannot spare personnel to keep up with them and spread the word to other employees.  IT consulting provides a viable solution because consultants with expertise in security issues will keep up with evolving threats as part of their regular duties.  Such consultants can provide periodic training sessions to workers, informing them of new safeguards they must take while online, such as being more careful about internet address suffixes.  IT consultants can also be hired to provide updates and ongoing guidance via email and to be on hand to answer worker questions about best security practices online.


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