Making the Most of IT Consulting

IT consultingThere is no doubt that expert technology consultants working for IT spend a great deal of their working hours interacting with technology.  This does not mean, however, that IT consultants do not benefit from the ‘personal touch’. Indeed, establishing a strong relationship with the IT consultants providing advice and support to your company is a key element in making that relationship as successful as possible.  IT consulting is best when there is frequent and open communication between consultant and client.

The time to begin establishing a strong relationship with an IT consultant is during the selection process.  Many IT support companies have multiple consultants on staff.  Administrators or managers should consider meeting with several of them in person in order to begin establishing rapport.  This process may also help businesses get a feel for which individuals will be best able to fit into the corporate culture in question.  It may also be helpful for those who will have to work closely with a consultant to be included in any preliminary meet-ups. 

Once a business has contracted with a specific IT consultant, it is essential that the consultant be introduced to all company employees who may interact with him or her.  All too often, the consultant is brought in and immediately shown to his or her office so that work can commence.  This impedes a smooth flow of communication at best and at worst, may make a consultant feel unwelcome.  Even better than introductions is a question-and-answer session, so that staff and consultant can be on the same page.


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