The Future of Managed Services

IT ConsultantsManaged services are slated to become an even larger part of the IT support environment in the future according to many industry experts.  This month in Las Vegas, Nevada, more than a thousand managed service providers examined new products that will better enable them to meet the needs of the businesses and organizations they serve.  Many of the offerings centered around a cloud computing philosophy, an approach that has revolutionized the way that businesses and individuals think about the use of technology and consumption of IT resources. 

Cloud computing is having a huge impact on the business environment because it changes the way managers and employees think about core infrastructure.  In the traditional IT world, a company could measure its computing capacity by thinking about the number and power of physical resources it has access to in the form of servers and workstations.  In the new world of cloud computing, businesses are instead moving to IT solutions that require them to rely instead on the power of the services that they hire.  These services have already largely displaced site-bound software solutions, and they are now poised to replace much on-site infrastructure as well. 

The change allows businesses to truly focus on their core competencies, leaving the provisioning and management of IT that supports those competencies in the hands of managed service providers who can furnish IT resources more effectively, and often more economically, than traditional IT departments.  Industry experts predict that inside of five years, more than half of all IT business spending will be directed toward managed services.

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