Citrix Solutions for Private Cloud Environments

A managed services model for IT services using the private cloud suite available from Citrix Systems is a powerful way to create a virtual environment that makes use of a physical infrastructure hosted in a data center, rather than taking up space in corporate or branch offices.

The first step managed services staff will complete to implement Citrix is to build a virtual environment

This, in effect, is creating the private cloud the business will use from that time forward. The tool used in this step is XenServer, a hypervisor program from Citrix. XenServer offers support for many different kinds of storage devices and allows IT staff to create and deploy new virtual machines in an efficient manner to meet peak demand. XenServer also allows for server pooling so that resources will always be characterized by high availability.


After building the private cloud environment, managed services staff use Citrix NetScaler to create a secure gateway into the cloud itself. The next step to completing the new system is to use Citrix XenApp as a thin client. This allows applications to be delivered to end users. XenApp can be installed on either a physical or a virtual server, and it works well with the Windows Server 2008 OS platform.

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Once XenApp has been implemented, end users will be able to launch their preferred desktops on almost any device incorporated into the network. For example, even though Windows is not the native OS for an iPad, users will be able to deploy a Windows 7 desktop from one. This, in a nutshell, is the power of centrally hosted images and applications. If you're ready to upgrade your IT infrastructure with cloud resources, reach out to iCorps for a free IT consultation.

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