A Managed Program Approach to Email Systems

An email system that is truly capable of handling today's business needs may not be the simple interface that some organizations are currently using.  Small businesses, for example, may feel that their current IT solutions related to email messaging are adequate, but this perception may be more based on its ease of management than on the true value inherent in the system in terms of what it can do for the business. 

The old adage that insists that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" holds true in the IT services world as well.  In the case of email, the ounce of prevention can take the form of a robust email system that incorporates modern features.  The implementation of such a system is best done through a managed program model in which specialty staff on contract regularly visit your premises to manage email functions.  While this does mean that the business will incur some cost, the alternative is to continue with a substandard, possible "free" email system that will not serve the long-term business needs of the organization.

Some Features Available in Advanced Email Systems

Any email system can send and receive messages, but advanced programs designed to handle email can make connections to several kinds of email servers including those using IMAP, SMTP, and POP protocols.  Secure instant messaging as well as internet-based access is also a good feature to have, as are email alerts that can be fully customized so that instead of being bombarded with notifications, users only receive them when messages are truly urgent. 

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