The Use of Plug-ins with vSphere and vCenter Server

11/17/11 9:01 AM Gaynor Hay Software, Virtualization

VMware's vCenter Server (once called VMware VirtualCenter) is a central management tool for VMware vSphere virtualized computing environments.  The use of vCenter will allow IT services personnel to improve their level of control over the virtualized environment and proactively manage resources.  Like all robust virtualization IT solutions, vCenter is a fully scalable platform.

The Importance of Plug-ins

Excellent software developers are aware that many small and medium-sized businesses use a variety of tools from third-party vendors to execute some of their necessary technical functions.  Indeed, it is a relatively rare business that is able to supply all of its IT needs from a single vendor. 

Knowing this, the engineers at VMware have developed a robust assortment of APIs for vSphere.  These APIs will allow other products to integrate their functions into the vSphere environment.  In keeping with this "let's all work together" philosophy, the software engineers responsible for vCenter Server have also provided it with an architecture that allows for plug-in programs.  In this way, seamless integration between third-party software tools and the administrative interface of vCenter Server can be achieved.

Managed services personnel can use these plug-ins from inside the vSphere Client and can fully tailor both their appearance and functionality to suit the needs of the business client and computing environment.  Plug-ins can be manipulated in order to display just the information that is needed in order to understand a particular item such as a cluster of an individual virtual machine.


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