Startling Statistics Demonstrate Advantages of VMware vSphere


There are excellent reasons why VMware is an industry leader in the virtualization market and why their vSphere platform is chosen by almost three-quarters of all small and medium businesses that want to make the move to a virtual computing environment. 

Provisioning New Servers

Getting a new server ready for use is one of the most time-consuming tasks that IT personnel must accomplish.  Without making use of the efficiencies inherent in virtualization, this process can involve installing operating systems and other applications manually and then updating each installation to the latest version by downloading the necessary patches from the manufacturer. 

All too often, these patches will conflict with one another if not installed in an exact sequence, and when that happens, sometimes the server must be wiped clean and the process started once again.  With virtualization, however, the time needed to provision a new server can be reduced by as much as 70%. 

Initial and Ongoing Costs

Efficiencies in workflow for IT staff is far from the only reason why vSphere helps the bottom line.  With virtualization, physical infrastructure can be used much more strategically to meet demand, which means that fewer hardware components are needed.  Some companies report that costs associated with hardware and operating expenses fall by up to 50%.  Less hardware means less electrical power consumption, which can lead to even greater savings – as much as 80% for some businesses.

Taking advantages of these benefits is best done through IT solutions that incorporate a managed services model.



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