IT Consulting can Solve the Hard Drive ‘Bottleneck’ Challenge

Sometimes, the need to change can pose a hurdle in business organizations – a hurdle that can be difficult to surmount.  This facet of business life is so widespread, in fact, that a few years ago, it was the subject of the best-selling book, Who Moved My Cheese? Because managers and staff are comfortable with the current way of doing things, they may not realize that the tech world offers wonderful new tools that can provide powerful IT solutions.

The Hard Drive ‘Bottleneck’ 

Mechanical hard drives have been a mainstay of businesses for decades and have reached a point where they are relatively inexpensive.  While they are excellent in many respects for the storage of large amounts of information, they have other drawbacks that make them less than ideal for daily tasks requiring large numbers of read and write operations.  Research and technology has found it relatively simple to make the drives larger and larger in order to meet archiving and long-term storage needs, but that same research has not kept pace when it comes to improving performance to the same degree.

The result is that as more data use is required by a business organization, speed and accuracy of hard drive access becomes a limiting factor.  When this factor truly begins to limit the workflow of a business, a bottleneck develops.

IT consulting firms can help businesses reconfigure their storage arrays to eliminate these bottlenecks.  One powerful solution is to use solid-state drives for ongoing access and reserve traditional hard drives for true storage instead of daily workflow.

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