VMware VCloud Director and Infrastructure as a Service

The very phrase "Infrastructure as a Service" may seem to contradict itself, since most people think of infrastructure as physical nuts and bolts – items that cannot possibly be delivered as a service.  With the new wave of virtualization platforms revolutionizing how businesses conduct their daily operations, however, much computing infrastructure can indeed be reformulated to exist as a service instead of residing as a physical apparatus inside a head or branch office of an organization. 

This allows businesses to rethink not only their day-to-day operations and workflow, but also their finances - for when infrastructure becomes part of IT services, it can be budgeted for on an ongoing basis and paid for over time instead of requiring vast start-up expenditures for purchasing necessary equipment.

VMware VCloud Director Implements a Service-Based Infrastructure Approach

One of the new generations of software tools making this all happen is VCloud Director, produced by market-leading virtualization company VMware.  When VCloud Director is used in conjunction with the VMware VSphere virtualization platform, businesses can build private clouds that are secure even though they serve more than one tenant.  This means that businesses are able to pool resources in ways that enable them to create virtual data centers and that organizations will be able to extend their capacity by shifting cloud resources rather than investing in additional physical infrastructure.  Indeed, in this managed services model, much of the infrastructure used is not the property of the business itself, but rather of the service provider who leverages it in ways to increase efficiency.



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