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Network security

Providing a secure computing environment for both employees and customers of a business has never been more important than it is today.  This is because much of the data that both groups depend on is now being stored in cloud environments that are not under the direct control of the business organization in the way data was during previous generations in the Information Age. 

The U.S. Government has this week identified seven different categories of information security.  For businesses to keep their data and proprietary information secure, all seven of these needs must typically be met.  This can be quite challenging for small and medium-sized businesses who are trying to provide their own IT services. They may simply not be able to acquire staff with expertise in all seven areas.

A ready solution is at hand, however, in the form of IT consulting.  By working with consultants on a staff augmentation basis, businesses can acquire personnel who have experience working in all the categories deemed essential this week by the government.  Even better, the staff augmentation can be on a partial basis if needed, since not every small business may need a full time person to take care of their needs.  It can be very difficult to secure a .25 FTE worker, but augmenting your staff by .25 through an IT consulting firm is very feasible since the consultant involved can fill out the rest of his or her working week with additional clients.

The seven areas identified include secure provisioning, maintenance, protection and defense, investigation, collection of security data, analysis, and support.



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