Virtualization Improves IT Services at Indiana University

Indiana University has elected to use VMware as part of a strategy to virtualize the Oracle databases it considers to be "mission critical." The university runs eight separate campuses scattered across the state of Indiana, and in total serves more than 100,000 students as well as almost 20,000 employees.  More than 200 institutes and research centers are also affiliated with the university.  All of this leads to a highly complex environment for information technology, but in the case of Indiana University, the situation is further complicated by the way that IT is integrated into the learning and teaching process. 

Indiana University has decided that the best way to continue to be able to support this rich environment – one that even includes supercomputers used for visualization and data analysis – is to proceed with virtualization.  The university's estimates indicate that virtualization will lead to a more flexible IT support system as well as one that will be fully scalable.  They also expect as much as 70% cost savings from the move, which will allow them to deploy new applications and systems at a rapid pace, all without the need to acquire more hardware resources.  In particular, the university's IT staff is looking forward to being able to take advantage of variable loads, in order to allocate resources more efficiently.

“Being able to create virtual machines to partition and make the most use of our physical resources is a tremendous benefit,” commented Rob Lowden, who serves as Indiana University's Director of IT. 

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