Integrating Dell EqualLogic and VMware to Improve Virtualization

Dell Computing offers several tools that assist businesses in their efforts to integrate EqualLogic with the VMware vSphere virtualization platform. These tools perform functions such as streamlining the provisioning of VDI as well as optimizing it, simplifying the management of storage resources, and building a more robust virtual infrastructure that will assist organizations with their IT services continuity. The EqualLogic Host Integration Toolset has four sub-programs.

Datastore Manager from EqualLogic 

Businesses or their managed services providers can use this tool to work with datastores in several ways including creating new ones, or monitoring and expanding existing ones. With Datastore Manager, it becomes a simple task to provide new storage, in part because the tool itself builds heavily on the use of automation to improve productivity.

Virtual Desktop Deployment Utility from EqualLogic

This utility helps to streamline the provisioning of VDI in a way that will optimize available space. Automated features allow for the creation of VM pools as well as patch management and registration of VMs.

Auto-Snapshot Manager for VMware from EqualLogic

This innovative tool helps businesses protect their data. It does this by combining snapshots that are consistent with hypervisor technology, with snapshots designed for use in an SAN system, therefore capturing the space efficiency benefits of the latter system. In addition, the graphical user interface provides ease of use.

VASA Provider from EqualLogic

This utility allows EqualLogic to pass information regarding storage to vSphere, allowing VMware to understand more about the usage and allocation issues in the virtual network.


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