Growing Acceptance of Biometrics for IT Security

Network securityRecent advances in information technology have made it feasible to include biometrics in security protocols.  Biometrics refers to the use of body parts for identification purposes.  Such technologies have been theoretically possible for many years and have found their way into limited applications in highly secure industries, but now they are poised to become more mainstream, with Americans admitting in a major survey that they would be comfortable with providing biometric data in some circumstances. 

Such data might include fingerprint scans, voice recognition, and eye scans.  These techniques have long been portrayed in television and motion pictures, which might be one factor related to their growing acceptance among the general population.

Businesses could use these kinds of technologies to help better secure their information systems.  Passwords and user logins can be compromised in order to allow an intruder access, but it is far more difficult for that intruder to provide fingerprint data matching another user's profile, for example.  There are already devices available that use biometric data to control access to physical systems.  Businesses and organizations interested in exploring this option for security should consult with an IT company possessing expertise in the use of biometrics.

The survey, however, indicates that businesses would do well to move with caution in this area, as Americans were more accepting of biometrics use for airport and banking services than for comparable use in the workplace.  Younger Americans were more willing to consider the technology, however; the survey indicated that 63 percent of respondents aged 25 to 34 would be willing to accept biometric security controls at their place of employment.


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