IT Solutions: Deciding on a Redundant Internet Provider

Many businesses are already accustomed to making regular backups of their key company data such as customer invoices and client contact lists, and it has also become standard practice in many organizations to have a certain number of hardware elements on hand to serve as backups as needed so that employee work is disrupted as little as possible.

This is all helpful, but how many small businesses have given as much attention and thought to the issue of a backup for their internet service? Modern workflow often depends heavily on resources "in the cloud," which means that they are hosted off-site and accessed through the Internet.  This type of organization presupposes that businesses have a continuous 24/7 connection to the internet.  While most organizations already have such a connection, there is no guarantee that their access will not go down when system-wide problems occur, for example, with their broadband carrier. 

These kinds of problems are relatively infrequent, to be sure.  However, you should plan proactively for them, particularly if your business is of the type where interrupted internet access will cause large disruptions that will impact your bottom line.  Working with an IT consulting firm to arrange for redundant internet access is one way to begin exploring your options in this regard.  You may find that an ISDN dial-in line will suit your business needs.  An IT consultant can help you make sure that your backup solution, will also work from the customer's perspective so that your websites, for example, load in a reasonable amount of time.


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